Nov 14, 2016

As one of the older UK gambling operators, Betfred runs 1370 betting shops where players can place bets without playing online. Their sportsbook department was one of the first to pay out winning payslips in advance, although for season bets on the English league. The Betfred bingo section have become more popular for every day, as well as the Betfred lotto. There are a ton of ways to play at this gambling site, you can play through a computer, a tablet and/or a mobile. If you prefer using your mobile while gambling, you can download a Betfred mobile app to improve the experience additionally. There are basically apps for every product at the site, allowing you to optimize gambling experience through mobile devices. The fellas at Betfred have had some successful years after the millennium, increasing their turnover from £550 million to 3.5 billion in one year between 2003-2004.

Create Account, Log in

In order to give a site an honest try, I always create an account and try out the different products to the extent I can before starting to spend my own money there. Creating an account is easy as pie, or, depends on the pie I guess. But the registration procedure is a swift process and you’ll be able to log in straight away. In order to find the Betfred login, just type Betfred login and hit enter in the browser that you are using. One of the top results should be the Betfred login page, you’ll figure it out.

The Betfred Bingo

The Betfred bingo has been growing rapidly online, mainly due to a good selection and a decent bingo community. Most bingo players go where there are lots of nice people and I guess that the Betfred bingo is a successful product, especially with its’ community and the vast bingo selection that is being offered. There are constantly 75, 80 & 90-ball bingo available for you, but don’t forget to check out the special bingo games which are re-occurring throughout the every day and week of the year! You will notice that there’s always a game of your liking going on and the cheapest bingo tickets available only cost 1p per ticket, allowing everyone to partake in the social bingo games of the Betfred casino.

Check the Betfred Results page

You can check out different results through the Betfred results page, and you can access the information through a mobile app or through the desktop/mobile site. The Betfred lotto is growing just like the bingo, but the lotto section is a bit more innovative than the bingo section. The Betfred results page can however complete your sportsbook experience on a daily basis. The sportsbook section offer a vast selection of different bet types on basically every public event taking place over the world, and the results page allow you to confirm the outcome of your bets.

Betfred Lotto Online

Opening the Betfred lotto section is like stepping into an international bingo hall. There’s the Spanish and German lotto, but you’ll also find a Greek, Irish, Canadian and the NY lotto. The different countries represents a probability since all lotto games are based on chance, the German lotto has a total of 100,000 numbers while the Canadian has 700. The lotto is not like bingo, but quite similar. It’s a game of chance with a much shorter play time. For example, bingo is considered as social gambling since you sit and interact with other players during the game round. The lotto section provides less action unfortunately.

betfred start page topsyslots

Game experience

The general gambling experience and feel of the desktop site is that the site is really not up-to-speed. My gut feeling tells me that there are more players than what the servers can manage. The casino experience doesn’t feel complete, it actually seems like all the biggest game providers are missing except for the Israeli run game provider Playtech. The bingo & sportsbook section is however worth checking out.

Play on your phone/tablet

On the desktop site, you can find instructions regarding how to download and start using a Betfred mobile app. There are more than 1 Betfred app though! You’ll find an app for each product available, these apps have been developed to smoothen up your experience while removing surrounding information regarding other products. This allow you to focus on whatever product you feel like when enjoying one of their apps.

Payment options

Depositing money is fast and easy + you don’t have to pay any transaction fees which is great! However, they take up to 48 hours to just have a look at your withdrawal request. After your withdrawal has been approved and sent, there’s another waiting time on up to 5 working days (1 week)! Getting help in chat is quick, but the real service of transferring money seems to be at the very bottom when comparing them to their competitors.


The amount of products is great, although the products feel incomplete due to the big lack of alternatives in game providers. The casino section consists of Playtech exclusively, regardless if you are playing slot machines or playing the real dealers in the live casino. The sportsbook section is actually at 100%, in my opinion. The site on the other hand, is in really bad shape. I have been visiting the site for 2 days in a row now and the pictures are barely loading when I visit the start page. My conclusion is that this gambling operator will not be able to become much bigger in the future due to the lacking capacity of offering a smooth experience through their products at the current state. I also feel that there should be more game providers available in the Betfred casino as I really enjoy playing the Net-Ent and Thunderkick games that can be found in most online casinos.

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Total Score

  • Usability 60% 60%
  • Bonus offers 52% 52%
  • Games offered 82% 82%

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