Use of Cookies and Privacy Policy Offering

Various Information Can Be Collected During a Visit

We are informing all visitors that some information will automatically be collected and securely stored when accessing the site. This information is used for various purposes and upon a visit, we reserve the right to collect data including:

• IP address
• Demographic and geographic information
• Type of browser used
• Hardware and software used
• Operating system information
How We Share Information Provided and Collected
Certain pieces if the information will be shared with other parties and this can include:
• Affiliated partners
• Marketing and advertising companies
• Web performance tools
• Analytic services

In regards to sharing information with affiliated partners, this is always done in accordance to GDPR regulations and guidelines and information is transferred in the most secure manner. We will only share information that is absolutely necessary. All other information that is collected is stored by use and not shared with third parties but used to enhance the site performance and offer a positive experience with each visit for the user.

Information Can Be Stored for a Length of Time

Under most circumstances, we will only store information for the life of an active account or to meet legal obligations. At the most, provided information can be securely stored with us for up to 10 years.

How We Use Cookies

It is important or every player and visitor to know we use cookies to enhance site performance and to offer you the best possible experience with each and every visit.