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How to play Roulette

Each player around the table can place a chosen amount on the desired number(s) in Roulette. There are different kinds of bets in Roulette, allowing you to increase the chances of winning while decreasing the potential win by combining multiple numbers and/or combinations. The total amount of bet types vary incredibly on each table, you should always check out the rules of the chosen roulette table before you start playing.

Rules in Online Roulette

The Roulette wheel that can be found in the bottom of this page has 37 numbers (including 0) available to bet on. However, picking the right number will pay 1:35 of your bet – meaning that you win £350 by picking the right number on a “Straight” £10 bet. A Straight bet is a bet which is placed on 1 number exclusively. You can combine numbers through 2 options, either you use the preset bet options or make your own combinations by single betting on your desired numbers. Each outcome has a specific payout ratio, so make sure to check the rules in the roulette table where you plan to play.

Gambler’s Fallacy = Invalid Theory

I had a good read about the Gambler’s Fallacy while doing research about the Roulette games online. The Gambler’s Fallacy is the invalid theory that the past somehow can indicate what the future holds. Most tables games keep track of previous numbers, which attract many players to believe that they can predict the future results by using the previous results. This theory wasn’t created by Einstein, it’s an attractive theory but the reality proves it being inaccurate. I could use the same concept while betting on football for example, but Manchester United’s chances to win will not increase simply because the previous game was a draw.

roulette black or red topsyslots

Red or Black

A common way to play Roulette is by playing on colors, or odds/even if you might prefer that. Many innovators thought they found a loophole in the Roulette tables, one of them is the Martingale system – where you bet on a color and double your bet size if you lose, until you win.

roulette odd or even topsyslots

Odd or Even

Winning from Red/Black bets will pay 1:1 just like Odd/Even. That’s less than one could expect considering that there’s a number zero which can’t grant you a win by playing on Red or Black. Most casinos have limits on their tables which basically makes it impossible to win against the casino through the Martingale system. Some players use a Fibonacci system which is based on the mythical Fibonacci sequence which patterns can be found everywhere throughout the universe.

Live Roulette

The Net-Ent studio also offer the service for players to play in a “live casino”. Both Evolution and Net-Entertainment have live casinos currently. Playing live roulette is exactly like playing in a real casino, but with a camera which is constantly showing the Roulette wheel. The live casinos usually offer multiple tables of live Roulette. There are tables that exclusively allow small or large bet amounts, all to provide the best experience available online. Live casinos are growing rapidly, as the user experience is vastly increased by offering players to see exactly what’s going on the Roulette table.

Online Roulette
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Roulette is one of the oldest table games. The game is 100% luck-based, meaning that no skills can overcome this slot. You need Lady Luck by your side for sure. There are numerous roulette systems and strategies that can guide you in your play but there's never any guarantee for success in Roulette, online or not.

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Online Roulette Details
Game Type Table Game
Game Features 11:1, 17:1, 1:1, 2:1, 35:1
Software provider Net-Entertainment
Reels -
Paylines -
Min coins per line -
Max coins per line £500
Min coin size £1
Max coin size -
Return To Player 97.30%


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