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Blackjack is a very old table game. It can be traced back to the 1700’s, when Miguel de Cervantes wrote about a table game called “twenty-one”. The game was originally named to twenty-one for the simple reason that the goal is to reach 21 or as close as possible to 21. I guess that many out there are curious about how to play blackjack. Anyone who exceeds 21 with the card’s total value will lose the round automatically which is why some players sometimes rather Stand on 15 than trying to get closer to 21. This table game was invented for the real tables but the online casinos quickly added blackjack online to their supply. Nowadays, it’s the most popular table game in the world. The rules vary a lot in different blackjack online but the main concept remains the same, get more points than the dealer without busting. (Busting is when you reach 22 or more which automatically leads to a loss)

Double up in Blackjack

The Double feature is valuable whenever you think that you need 1 more card to win against the dealer. Each player around the table initially receive 2 cards and the goal is to reach 21 or to stay on a number just below 21 for bigger chances of winning. If you for example get 7+4, you will have 11 which mean that you need another 10 to reach 21. Clicking “Double” will automatically ask for only 1 card more while doubling your stake. The only time I Double is if I get 10 or 11 from the first 2 cards.

House Edge in Blackjack

The house will always win. Just like in any online casino, the dealer/casino always have the edge against the player(s). This means that we are all Davids against Goliaths, the underdogs of the online casinos. One way to increase your edge, or decrease Goliath’s edge – is to find an online blackjack with as few decks of cards as possible. The house has a 0.17% advantage if you play with a single deck while the advantage increase to 0.65% if 8 decks are being used. So, the best blackjack game to play online would be a single deck blackjack where the dealer must Stand on 17. Playing on a S17 table will decrease the house edge by additional 0.2% compared to a H17 table.

blackjack split topsyslot

Split in Blackjack

Splitting is what it sounds like. By splitting, you divide 2 cards into two different bets. Players cannot split each bet, since a player need to have 2 cards of the same value in order to split. If you bet £10 on a hand where you get 10+10, you can split these up into 2 hands with 10 on each hand. You will automatically get 1 new card each for your 2 new hands.

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Live Blackjack

The different Blackjack and Roulette tables can also be found in the Net-Ent Live Casino. The Live Casino offers a true gambling feeling since they use real dealers with real cards on real tables. The Live Casino makes everything seem more real, and the dealers are able to communicate with you while you play.

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Blackjack has been around for centuries, but now you can enjoy blackjack online in any online casino. The original name of the game was Twenty-one since the objective is to get as close to, while not exceeding 21. You are always playing against the dealer's cards, blackjack is a game where the player needs a mix between skills & luck.

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Online Blackjack Details
Game Type Skill Factor, Table Game
Game Features Double, Insurance, Split
Software provider Net-Entertainment
Reels -
Paylines 5
Min coins per line -
Max coins per line £40
Min coin size -
Max coin size -
Return To Player 99.65%


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